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Who am I? I am just your average guy with no claim to fame, I just happen to be a 'Aussie' and like millions of others around the world the downturn in the major economies certainly affected me as well.

A result of the downturn was being unemployed for 10 months which certainly was a situation I could have done without.  It becomes quite disheartening to get no response or just plain rejections to job applications.

 It seems that once you are over 50 and have a head of grey hair it seems many employers just don't think you have what it takes in today's world.  So of course to survive during this time I had to utilize my future nest egg to get me through this period. After 10 months of no income it certainly depletes your hard earned savings.

KewlozI have returned to the workforce but I am certainly not earning what I did prior to the downturn so I am now trying to make up for the “unemployment time” and get all those payments that were behind caught up on.

I decided I would try the internet and see if I could make a little extra money but then I needed to have something to sell.Kewloz


Well I am not a programmer so I could not come up with some nifty little program to sell, I am not a author/writer so an eBook novel is certainly not my forte. That is how this site 'My Life Through the Lens' came to fruition. I decided to put photo’s that I have taken of places I have been, the people I have met and some of the industrial workplaces I have been involved with up on the net to sell. These photos cover the past 10 years of my life, covering two continents, Australia, my birthplace and the United States of America my home since June 2007.


I certainly don't claim to be the best website designer on the internet but I believe this little site of mine serves the purpose and is simple and functional.

I would really appreciate if you could send this site to some of your contacts if you are not interested in purchasing the pictures yourself.



There are over 1,900 of my royalty free photos in the collection and you could use them for websites, projects, advertising, promotion or you may like to print one or two out and frame them.

The cost for all these Royalty Free Photo’s is just $5.99usd

Not only will you get access to download all the photo’s there is also a number of Free Bonus products included which could help you generate an income on the internet.

  • 150 AdSence Ready websites - 280mb Details
  • WebMaster Tools – over 200 different applications to help you develop and promote your website - 652mb
  • Bonus Webmaster Tools - 56mb
  • Website Templates
  • eBook – ‘Finger Lick’n Food’ – Recipes
  • eBook – ‘Missing the Land of Oz’
  • eBook – ‘Susan Boyle – A Singing Sensation’
  • eBook – ‘Michael Jackson 1958 ~ 2009’

'My Life Through The Lens'



These are just a sample of the pictures you shall be able to access and don't forget the added bonus software and products.

All you have to do is click on the Buy Now button and you can make your payment safely and securely through PayPal. After you payment has been processed by PayPal you shall be re-directed to the Download Page.

Remember all of the above is just $5.99usd so go ahead BUY NOW.

'My Life Through The Lens'



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